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baby 2013 pillar of the plains 2013 top 10 under 40 2014 band king 2014 band queen 2014 community profile 2014 corvette 2014 farm bill 2014 knid agrifest 2015 senior 2015 seniors 2016 football 2016 grand champions 2016 seniors 216 w. oak avenue 21st birthday tree climber 220 stahl street 2405 mercer drive 250 winner 2501 mercer drive 25th flying training squadron 25th flying training wing 2700 n. van buren 2818 s. van buren 2a state golf championship 2nd lt. casey felz 2nd lt. christopher woychak 2nd lt. cole evans 2nd lt. kayla bowers 2nd lt. nathan armes 2nd lt. peyton jeppesen 2nd lt. t. j. ford 2nd lt. thomas barger 2nd story downtown 320 w. elm 3200 run final 324 w. pine 35th anniversary 3a boys 3200 relay 3rd flying training wing 40 years 400 e. pine 412 w. pine 419 e. broadway 424 s. monroe 42nd street 44 years 48 hour film 4914 e. rupe 4ball 4ball golf 4car injury accident 4h 4h club 4h day 4h demonstration 4rkids 4rkids 5k 4rkids 5k run 4rkids baseball tournament 4rkids board of directors 4rkids employment center 4rkids foundation 4rkids graphicwrapped van 4rkids miracle league 4rkids runwalk 4rkids runwalk 2013 4rkids walk 4rkids walkrun 4th of july 4th of july decor 4yearold class 4yearold program 50 state tour 50 states tour 50 years in the same pulpit 50th anniversary 5103 w. owen k. garriott 580 coffeehouse 580 outlaw football 5k 5k race 5k run 5krun 602 e. wabash 67th birthday celebration 6a high school baseball championships 6a state baseball 6a state baseball champs 700 club 710 overland trail 71st flying training wing 71st flying training wing change of command 71st security forces squadron 73rd annual kiwanis little olympics 75th anniversary 75th njcaa 75th njcaa world series 75th njcaa world series div ii 75th njcaa world series division ii 77th and wood road 78th and 90th streets 7th njcaa world series 800 w. broadway 802 e. birch 81st annual tristate music festival 83rd music festival 83rd tristate music festival 89th annual skeltur conference 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services building administrative services center adoption adrianne goans adult protective services adult stem cell research advanced art class advanced masonry advanced water solutions advancepierre foods advancing the good helping one another adventure quest aedan dowell aerosock aerospace operational physiology aetc af recruiting affordable care act africa after prom activities afterprom activities afww ag energy agape mercy children's center aggies aggressive behavior agricultural fertilizers agricultural products agriculture agrifest agritourism air evac lifeteam air force recruiting air force sergeant's association chapter 990 air force wounded warriior program air force wounded warrior program air show aircraft assignments aircraft crash aircraft crashes aircraft repairs aircraft structures international corporation airfield control burn airman family readiness center airman joshua daggett airman leadership school airplane airport manager akin 2 live al hunt al patocka alan 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trot 4 trykes 5k runwalk ameera barbour america's frontier america's missing children american bison american elm american flag american flag ceremony american flags american idol american olympian american red cross american remodel american rock band american rock singer american turtle american veterans american veterans traveling tribute ames amie gibson amie sublett amina switzer aml amtryke amtryke for an injured veteran amtrykes amusement rides amy broadbent amy kelly amy layne anderson properties andi holland andi pierce andi simunek andrew allen andrew shearon andrine shufran andy eaton andy geller andy morris andy pickle andy vallis andy ward andy wilkins anew church angel chavez angel delight angel dominguez angel gonzales angelic voices angelica berry angels angie kuehn angie morris anglers anhydrous ammonia anima mundi animal adoption aniyah turner ann hargis ann price anna blubaugh annette tooman annie oakley anniversary anthony alvarez anthony bruno anthony dixson 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company assistant city manager assistant fire chief assistant golf pro assistant superintendent astec astec president athlete athletes atomic bomb atomic exhibit ats counselingfocus institute att att iphone 6 sales attempted robbery attorney general auction austin box austin box foundation austin duplantis austin garner austin grieshober austin hannum austin hilton austin holland austin kohl austin loza austin puckett austin rogers austin stallings austin swann austin swann 11 austin whitehead author autry autry technology center autry technology center nursing autum talamante ava carlile avery dugger avery point avery walker avid hunter avid readers avl avron nix awards awards dinner aylin gonzalez az b17 b24 b25 b29 b29 flights b29 gunnernavigator baby chicks baby think it over back to school backpacks backpacks for children backstage pass backtoschool backtoschool supplies bacone jv bacone jv warriors bailey brown bailey cross bailey cross longhorns win bailey hoeltzel bailey king bailey rink bakery balloon launch balloons balloons launch ballot band camp bandit barany chair barb benson barbara fleece barbara siegrist barbara whinery barbecue barn fire barnstormers bartlesville bartlesville bruins bartlesville indians baseball baseball fans baseball feature baseball qualifier bash basketball basketball festival basketball homecoming basketball playoffs basketball tournament bass bass construction bass saves life bates enmeier baylor boyd bbq bbq judge bbq judging be fit kids buzz run bear cohen bearded dragon beating the heat beau mckinzie beautiful flowers beautiful horses beaux biggers beaver dusters becca sullens becky allen becky claborn becky duffy becky evatt becky guffy becky kroeker becky sharp becky sowers bed breakfast bedlam beeby harvesting beechcraft nc4496v beef beef jerkey beef jerky plant beer bees belgium nato base belinda gardner belinda smith gardner bell jewelers bell ringer bella belva lamb ben barker ben brock ben ezzell ben mcgrath ben millis bengals benjamin hook bennie's barn bentonville berkshire barrow berkshire hathaway home services berlyn curttright bermuda bermuda grass best automotive dealership center best costume best fast food restaurant best hotel best in show best meat best mexican food best new business best of best best of breed best of show best park best principal best western best western dutch pantry best western inn bestselling author bethany united methodist church bethel baptist academy bethel baptist church bethel baptist church and academy betsy groves betty brinley bev ediger beverly mullen bicycle traffic lanes bicycling bicyclist big blue band big blue marching band big country meat market big k mart big kmart biking biking in the rain bill burkhart bill cooley bill johnson correctional center bill mayberry bill meyer bill schwertfeger bill shewey bill vickers bill word bill's outdoor sports billings billy beck billy d. stanley jr. billy germaine billy grothe billy hefton billy sims billy sims barbecue biography biology bird bird aircraft strike hazard bird of prey bird strikes birds birthday donation birthday gift birthday party birthday pinata bishop mcginnis bison bison cemetery bison coop bison coop expansion bixby black friday black friday extravaganza blackjack beef jerky blackwell ffa blade less windmill blaine whitson blake biggs blake clanton blake gabriel blake murray blake rayner blake shepard blake thomas blakely liebman blazes bbq blazes' bbq blindness block party blood donation day blood donors blood moon blue bonnets blue steel bnsf bo biggers board of education bob aanonsen bob adams bob and linda crowcroft bob berry bob clemens bob cook bob farmer bob goff bob killam bob klemme bob nafus bob perry bob portiss bobbi worth bobby russell bobby wills bobsfarm inc. bodie boydston body found update boe boise city bomber bond bond issue bond issue construction bonita james bonne vculek bonnie vcuek bonnie vculek bonnie vculek enid bonnie vculekl book drive book fair book sale booker t. washington center booker t. washington community center boomer bosun mate joey ezell box supper boxing boy scouts boy scouts of america boys tailgate boys' tailgate brad blankenship brad dobler brad gore brad kinsey brad smith braden bench braden meek braden rogers bradie gray bradley fitness and sports center bradley kinsey brady kokojan brady lippard brahman bull brahman bulls braman branden meier branding enid brandon bookout brandon gainer brandon gallagher brandon harvey brandon mccleave brandon mcnaughton brandon morris brandon rakestraw brandon ruiz brandon smith brandon williams brandy fagan brats braving the cold break the chains breakfast breakfast with santa breast cancer breast cancer awareness breastfeeding breastfeeding rooms breck clark breckinridge breckinridge road brenda dill brenden roberts brenna smith brent and ericka o'donnell brent kisling brent koontz brent price brenued bret mcnaughton brett a. payne brett fast brett wilenzick brewer brian gaddy brian o'rourke brian schwarzkopf brianna jacksonbrewer brianna merritt bridge bridge access to success bridge wins again brig. gen. scott pleus bringing it back britt smith brittney and nate hagermann britton carlile britton yunker broadway plaza broadway tower brock chance brock elmore broken arrow broken beyond repair broken water main brooke tate brooke wayman brown cummings funeral home bruce dill bruce felber bruce kunkel bruce perry memorial bridge brud baker bryan pacheco bryan ramey bryan skaggs bryce stewart bryson rolfe bubba knapp bubbles bling buck's party shop bucko gray bud light alley bud nicholas buffalo buffalo hide buffalo point bed breakfast buffalo springs buffalo springs ranch building fence building permits bull riding bull riding scholarship bulldogs bulls burgundy place burlington burlington elks burlington high school burlington welding buses bushido arm wrestling business front buster butterfly butterfly invasion byron reichstein c.j. arndt cade mitch cade pfleider cade upshaw cadet major laisa pack cadet sr. msgt. zach willig cafe garcia caleb ellington caleb lang caleb meadows caleb pate caleb roberts caleb wichert calendar girls california vacation callahan's pub grill callahan's pub grille camden cope camden roggow cameron dean camouflage camp tomahawk campaign breakfast campaign bus tour campaign celebration campfire cooking canada geese cancer survivor cancer survivors cancer treatments candace reim candidate candidate forum candidates candy cane cash candy cane dash candyopolis canola canola oil cantellay's produce canton canton tigers canyon trail capt. ernest hull capt. glenn red willard harmon capt. ian osterreicher capt. jack morris capt. jill gorab capt. joel bragg capt. john dancer capt. jon bravinder capt. jon mcbride captain america car auction car motorcycle show car show car wash cardinal caregivers carl albert carlee salisbury carli woolsey carlos andujar carlos lucas carlos rojo carmen carmen ball carne asada platter carnival carol sallee carole wade carolina seymour carolyn morris carousel carousel ribbon cutting carrie johnson carrie sanders carrie vanover carrier carrier road carry the flame across america carson krittenbrink carson teel carver early childhood center carver education center carver educational center casey cash baker cashion cashion baseball cashion wildcats cassidy turnbow cassie gentry cassody flying service castle ball cat cat adoption catawba valley comunity college catcher catering catfish catholic schools' week cathy nulph catina sundvall caton cope cattle cc boomers cdsa cdsa nonprofit center celebration of life celeste spargo cello celtic woman cemetery upgrade centenarians central assembly of god central assembly of god family life center central christian church central kitchen central national bank central national bank center central office central station ceo ceramic corsets ceremony certificate of merit cessna caravan 208b cfl national division championship cgb enterprises chad caldwell chad kelley chad olsen chad preble challenge coin champion dorset ewe champion flight champion park champion splash pad championship championship flight championship racing champlin park champlin park playground champlin pool chance bedwell change of command chapel chapel connection chaplain chaplains charity bliss charles daniels charlie charlie cunningham charlie daniels charlie todd charlie vallis charlotte charlotte culver chase knott chase koch chase pfluger checotah cheer cheerleaders chelsea hunter chelsey mitchell cheri ezzell cherokee cherokee heritage cherokee street cherokee strip basketball tournament cherokee strip celebration cherokee strip community foundation cherokee strip conference cherokee strip conference basketball tournament cherokee strip conference center cherokee strip cow punchers association cherokee strip days cherokee strip model railroad association cherokee strip model railroaders association cherokee strip parade cherokee strip regional heritage center cherokee strip special olympics talent show cherry bombz cheryl cooksey cheryl evans cheryl patterson cheryl swanson chestnut cheyenne cheyenne choate chicken chickfila chief brian o'rourke chiefs chihuahua child abuse child abuse awareness child advocacy center child advocacy council child nutrition professionals child safety seat children children's librarian children's mental health chili cookoff chiller challenge chiller challenge flip chinese new year chip baker chisholm chisholm 4h club chisholm afterprom committee chisholm baseball chisholm basketball chisholm creek development chisholm creek village chisholm cross country chisholm crusaders chisholm elementary school chisholm football chisholm high school chisholm high school basketball chisholm high school basketball homecoming chisholm lady longhorns chisholm longhorns chisholm middle school chisholm public schools chisholm stampede chisholm track chisholm track meet chisholm trail chisholm trail coliseum chisholm trail expo center chisholm trail expo center pavilion chisholm trail pavilion chisholm view wind project chisholm volleyball chloe chloe beth campbell choices institute choir chore day chores chris bauer chris hempling chris jensen chris walker chriss field christ united methodist church christian church christian motorcyclists christian owusu christian voitik christmas christmas carols christmas decorations christmas fellowship christmas for kids christmas gifts christmas in the village christmas junction craft show christmas lights christmas lights parade christmas open houses christmas program christmas shopping christmas traditions christmas tree christopher castillo christopher goldston christopher grellner christopher j. reynaud christopher sneed christy baker christy hermanski christy northcutt chrome books chs 7 on 7 camp chs honor society chuck panozzo cigarette outlet cimarron cimarron booster club cimarron council cimarron council boy scouts of america cimarron council car show cimarron high school cimarron montessori school cimarron public schools cimarron river cimarron trailblazers cindy dougherty cindy lou who cindy mcfarland cindy van kley circus cirque musica citizenship city commission city commissioner city of enid city projects cityowned property civil defense civil defense youth corp civil war civil war demonstration civil war era claire andrews clark bragg class 1313 class 1501 class 1607 graduation class 3a class a district baseball class b baseball regional class b baseball regionals class b state football champs class b state softball tournament class of 2013 class project classical guitar classroom pets claudia huerta clayton beaver clayton nolen clayton wilson clements firearms cleveland cleveland corridor cleveland trail head cleveland trailhead click clack moo cliff's camera shop clifford porter clifford scott clint beagley clint beeby clint claypole clint johnson clint schelbitzki cloud county baseball cloud county community college cloud county tbirds clouds cna cna of the year cnb cnhi cobras cody coontz cody daylor cody joliff cody jolliff cody redding coffeyville col. clark j. quinn col. clark quinn col. darren james col. darren v. james col. john cinnamon colby kokojan colby koontz cold cold temperatures cole bergdall cole floyd cole jones cole swart coleen golightly coleman scott color stampede colt pickens colton johnson colton troxell colton wichert columbus day comedian comet ison comfort inn command chief commandant commander commander of the 71st flying training wing commemorative air force commemorative air force arizona wing commencement commissioners commitment field communication federal credit union community build community clinic community health center community health fair community meals community readiness consultant community service community volunteers competitive cheer complete pool spas composer concentration concert concrete project concrete work confirmation congressman conner bragg conner ganz conner larson connie blankenship connie hood connie mack connie mack baseball connie mack division connie mack qualifier connie mack regional baseball tournament connie mack regional qualifier connie mack regional qualifying baseball tournament connie mack south regional connie mack state baseball tournament connie mack state tournament connie sturgeonhart connor gregory connor pasby connors state cowboys connors state cowgirls construction construction technology construction technology class contemporary cherokee wedding attire continental resources control burn convenience store convention convention hall cookies cooking cooking for kids coolidge elementary school cooling help cooper savage cooper skulzucek corbin watts cordell corey alpough corey ganz corey ratcliffalpough corey roberts corn cornell neal corvette expo corvettes corvettes of enid corvettes of enid expo costume contest counseling country inn suites country music star courthouse construction courtney chelf covington covington fire department covingtondouglas covingtondouglas high school cow cowboy kenny bartram cowley college cpr craftsman tools craig collins craig hatchel craig liddell crain creative arts creative arts enid crescent tigers crime crime scene crime scene investigation criminal justice critter clubhouse crochet crop dusting crops cross cross country crosslin park crosslin park lake cruisers cruz company crystal sawicki csrhc csrhc exhibit csrhc volunteer cub scouts cui picnic culinary institute of america culinary specialist cummins construction custom harvester custom harvester family custom harvesting custom woodworker cvs pharmacy cycling cynthia leathers d'andre mays d. bruce selby stadium da vinci si surgical system da vinci xi surgical system dachshund dash dad fest dagan hardin dalen mcvay dallas dallas caldwell dallas hunt dallas mustangs damon mckenney dan ferguson dan long dan luskey dan ohnesorge dan ornesorge dana zook dance dangerous wind chills daniel davila daniel johnson daniel martinez daniel real danielle ioeger danielle stoneberg danner kiernan darian goins darin morris darrell weaver daryck jones dash date with dad daughters of the american revolution daughtry davco mechanical dave owen david abbott david allen memorail ballpark david allen memorial ballpark david cook david donaldson david gorham david kennedy david kriner david ritchie david starks david vallis davinci si surgical system davinci xi days inn db ministries dbat elite dbat matthews dbats dcla dcla scrimmage deacon tony crispo dean of students debbie cribley deborah ruthenberg deborah seek deco pizzeria dee cunningham dee taylor deer creek del city eagles del city soccer delbert boehm demalling demethanizer tower democratic candidate demolition denny price family ymca dense fog dental assistant dental professionals department of human services deputies derek halcomb derrick canvas derrick canvas shop deryl gulliford dessert destiny rescue destiny warner det. andy morris devan mckee developer purchase developmental disabilities devin pratt dewayne colwell dexeus oncology diamond corrals diamond cross rodeo diamond w corral dick lambertz memorial enid 4ball dick lambertz memorial enid 4ball golf tournament dick lambertz memorial enid city fourball dillard's dillards dillingham gardens dillon harp dillon throckmorton directing traffic dirt work disaster relief disc golf disciples of christ district 1 district 19 district 38 district 38 candidate forum district baseball district basketball district judge div ii div. ii div. ii baseball division ii division ii world series dmacc bears dobler doc dock dogs dodgers dog days of summer dog fest dog show dogfest doggie dip swim party dolese dollar general dominic bocox don don burris don haskins court don haskins park don jose don romo don winbolt donald w. reynolds foundation donation donations donations for children donna patocka donna wall doris kirk doris williams doug carlson doug frantz dough to dough douglas downtown arts festival downtown dog fest downtown dogfest downtown enid downtown kitchen store downtown threads dr. aaron place dr. barbara whinery dr. cheryl evans dr. darrell floyd dr. david vanhooser dr. dennis morehart dr. james strate dr. janet barresi dr. martin luther king dr. michael howdeshell dr. michael jackson dr. steve mackie drew dewald drew dodd drew ewbank drew sundbye drop zone dropoff difficulties drought drug bust drug drop box drug sweep drum line drummond drummond 4h drummond baseball drummond community park drummond elementary school drummond fire department drummond high school drummond public schools dry cleaning ducks unlimited calling contest duco dui crash duke duron lewis dusty decker dyce applegate dylan caimano dylan white e. maine s.e. railroad street e. owen k. garriott e. skeleton road eagle marketing eagle scout eagle scout project eagles early childhood development program early parole early voting earnest leierer earthquake earthwork earthworm easter easter bunny easter egg hunt easter eggs easter eggstravaganza easter hats easter parade ebby stratton echo dome ecigarettes economic development ecowater systems ecowater systems of enid ed winters eddie herrman eddie lou strimple edgar cruz edmond edmond memorial eduardo lima education education celebration education center education majors educational devices eea eea banquet eec efm dog days egg drop egg roulette eggstravaganza ehs ehs baseball ehs basketball ehs basketball homecoming ehs big blue band ehs cheerleaders ehs football ehs football homecoming ehs football signings ehs girls golf ehs golf ehs graduation ehs lead guitar ehs musical ehs orchestra ehs pacers ehs plainsmen ehs pom squad ehs rotc ehs rotc honor guard ehs summer pride eighth grade eisenhower elementary school ejrt ekids elaine johns eldon ames eldon campbell elementary eli berry elijah norwood elisa salyer elisabetta tolla elizabeth beaty elizabeth dillingham elizabeth kelsay elizabeth price elk city ella proctor elliot elliott holden ellsworth community college emaleigh julian emergency management emergency responders emerson 90th birthday emerson middle school emerson middle school jazz band emily summars emma carter emma culbertson emma lee tucker ketterman clinical simulation lab emmanuel baptist church emmanuel walker emperor scorpion emporia state ems auditorium end of school ene enel green power enel green power north america enforcers engine 1 engine 11 enid enid am ambucs enid ambucs enid animal control enid animal control center enid antique auto club enid arts council enid astros enid attorney enid baseball enid baseball camp enid basketball enid board of education enid business enid capital improvements enid cares enid cares law enforcement appreciation day enid cemetery enid chamber of commerce enid city commission races enid classic enid commission chambers enid community center enid community clinic enid corvette club enid crossfit enid dine enid education association enid elevators enid enforcers enid event center enid event center classic enid farmers market enid fire chief enid fire department enid firefighter enid firefighters enid firehouse 1906 enid first assembly of god enid first nazarene church enid football enid fourball enid free masons enid garfield county major county 911 communications enid gem mineral society enid girls golf enid golf enid habitat for humanity enid high school enid high school band enid high school baseball enid high school basketball enid high school big blue marching band enid high school food court enid high school library enid high school plainsmen enid high school rotc enid high school swim team enid high school track enid high school university center enid home show enid intertribal indian club enid invitational enid just tri triathlon enid kiwanis club enid legislative vip golf tournament enid lgbt coalition enid lights up the plains enid mack motor mania enid mack truck enid majors enid masonic lodge enid mayor enid mickey mantle rookies enid ministerial alliance enid minors enid miracle league enid miracle league mud volleyball enid miracle league mud volleyball tournament enid mud volleyball enid news and eagle enid news eagle enid noon ambucs enid pacers enid pacers basketball enid pacers volleyball enid pbr challenge enid plainsmen enid plainsmen soccer enid police enid police chief enid police chief brian o'rourke enid police department enid police department officer of the year enid police officer enid police officers enid post office enid pride enid pride 2013 enid public school enid public school foundation enid public schools enid public schools foundation enid public transit authority enid quality of life initiative enid regional development alliance enid restaurant enid roller girls enid ryder cup enid senior center enid soccer enid soccer complex enid softball enid spca enid speedway enid super lube enid swat enid symphony center enid symphony hall enid symphony orchestra enid tennis association enid to okeene enid track enid trails enid trails system enid travel consultants enid twirling academy enid twisters enid walk of fame enid water tower enid women in business enid woodring regional airport enid wrestling enid young professionals enidgarfield county emergency management enidintertribal enidnoc invitational enlisted spouses group enter his gates entrepreneur seminar epd epd assistance epd grant epd honor guard epd investigation epd k9 epd officer ryan fuxa epd officers epd recruitment video eps eps bond issue eps connect eps foundation eps superintendent epta public forum erda eric brunken eric galliton eric jones erin mccoy erin norrie erin traynor ernie currier esi1 certified diamond eskimo joe's espana family esplanade apartments estevan arana esther fischer ethics etown etown fashion week etown ice etown magazine etown vapor eudaldo gomez eurasian eagle owl evan chermack eve switzer event center ew660 ewe executive chef executive director exercise exhibit expert tire extension home economist extreme cold extreme rodeo eyp ezell family f35 face painting failing ballpark failing field failing park faip fair exhibits fairchild home fairmont fairview fairview basketball fairview high school fairview lady jackets fairview lady yellowjackets fairview yellowjackets faith faith farm faith mirelez faithfilled journey faithlynn hagermann fajitas fall colors fallen fallen heroes honored fallin campaign tour falon robinett families in poverty family family and consumer science family farm day family fun day family of the year family saturday family ties fan donation fans farm farm bill symposium farm credit of enid farm credit of enid aca farm crop farmer farmer for a day farmers farmers market farming farming challenges farmrail train fashions fat cat's deli fatal fire fatality accident father carson krittenbrink father frost father joseph irwin father's day father's day gift fatherdaughter breakfast fatherson bedlam bash fca activities feature feed the neighborhood felber christmas felix mora felt bird fernando puentes festival of flavor fetchnfish promotions ffa fiddle field day fifi finer physiques fire fire alarm fire chief fire crash fire heroes fire hydrant fire training tower firearms fireball run fireball run banner firefighter remembered firefighters firestone complete auto care fireworks first assignment instructor pilot first assignment instructor pilots first baptist church first day first district of oklahoma first friday first generation college student first lady anono loeak first lady of oklahoma state university first missionary baptist church first presbyterian church first responders first ride first united methodist church firstborn child fishing fishing derby five 80 five 80 coffee five generations flag day flag retirement ceremony flags flash flathead catfish fling at the springs flooding flowers flu shots fluidity division vicepresident fly film festival flying geese flying through training flynn road food court food for kids food truck food trucks football football letter of intent football playoffs football practice football scrimmage forget me not forget me not luncheon forgotten church forgotten ministries forgotten ministry former army first lieutenant foster grandparent fostering children foundation to restore accountability fountain lake avenue four perfect pebbles fourball fourth of july fourthgrade students fracking spill francisco pizarro frank baker frank bush frank lucas frannie landrigan fraud fred blaser fred lawrence freda aboud freddie lawrence free dental care freed family farm freestyle motorcross freezing temperatures fresh produce fresh vegetables freshwater aquarium friend of leonardo's frisco frog frontier baseball frontier festival frozen droplets of water frozen ropes badarack fruit ft. leavenworth ft. sill fun day function junction event center fundraising furever friends furever 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storm recovery icicles icu dock icy weather igor ibaka ii imagination playground imo road in his wakes in his wakes ministries in memory inc. incubator project independence independence and maine independence pirates independence tower indian hills shopping center indian tacos indoor gun range indoor track industrial accident industrial training injury accident inspire greater enid instructor pilot integris integris bass baptist health center integris bass baptist health center emergency center integris bass baptist health center junior open international elvis entertainer intuitive surgical invinsible contracting ipad ipads ireland irish ambassadors irobot irrigation isaac piper isabelle groendyke isaiah singleton italian bees italy izzy j. j. fournier j.k. hadlock j.w. walsh ja'wan smith jace sternberger jacey mitchell jack jack and the beanstalk jack bellware jack chappell jack quirk jack tate jackson diamond jewelers jackson's wrecking and demolition jackson's wrecking demolition 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for kids meals for seniors medford medford cardinals medford high school medford municipal airport media club medical directory megan galusha melanoma cancer melisa alexander melissa arganbright melissa james memorial day memorial park cemetery memorial road mennonite brethren church men's open mennonite pies mennonite relief mennonite relief sale meno meno faith center mental health mentoring mentoring program mercy house merrifield office plus invitational merrifield office supply baseball tournament merrifield tournament mesa mesa community college metabolic disorder meth trends mexican cuisine mha mia lavicky micah lenamond micah martin michael behenna michael flach michael majors michael teague michele james midamerica national wrestling championships midamerica nationals wrestling championships midsummer jersey midwest showcase mighty milers mike caffey mike carswell mike cooper mike fields mike honigsberg mike honigsburg mike mueller mike patterson mike stuber mike thompson mike visnieski mike williams milan morgan miles music miles preston milestone homes military aircraft photographs military issues miller professional lawn landscape management millie million dollar parade millwood miniature horse minnesota minors miracle league miracle league baseball miss america miss enid miss oklahoma miss oklahoma 2014 miss oklahoma contestant miss oklahoma pageant miss olivia miss pinky mission enid missionary to africa missions missy quintero misty pendergraft mitten tree mj white eagle mlk mlk celebration mlk commemorative march mocha model trains models mokki andrike molly mona campbell monarch watch monroe elementary school monroe lions monster eats truck monte hunter monte lamar monte stewart montgomery hall moon moore city hall moore tornado mooreland mooreland high school morgan lawver morgan meyer morris retires morrison high school mother's day motor mania motorcycle crash motorcycle journey motorcycle wreck moustache march move it mrs. claus mrs. pinky msgt. james goswick msgt. john ward mud mud buds mud divers mud volleyball muddy badgers mulberry plaza muleriders mulhallorlando multiple shooting mural murals murder murder investigation murray state murray state aggies museum displays musical musician musicians muskogee muskogee war memorial mustangs mustangs' football mutton bustin mutton bustin' my beloved my child to yours myrl mortenson n. central manhunt nahca nahca facility of the year name change name placement ceremony nancy campbell nancy dillard nancy killam nancy salisbury naoma snow narcotics search warrant nasa astronaut natalie lopez natalie rapp nate bright nathan hatchel nathan meier nathan sawaya national ambucs president national anthem national catholic schools week national catholic schools' week national child abuse national dance day national day of prayer national defense authorization bill national junior college athletic association national junior high honor society national math and science initiative national police week national president national signing day national weather service national wild turkey federation natural gas demethanizer tower natural gas processing machine near drowning ned kerr neighborhood parade neil gheewala neil juhnke neo neon yellow nevada nevaeh prock new aircraft control tower new bridge new business new chickfila new china new clinic new concrete sidewalks new control tower new dad new developer new drainage system new enid business new enid hotel new enid restaurant new epd officers new eps teachers new high line poles new home auction new homes new hoops new hotels new k9 new pedestrian crossing lights new playground new restaurant new roof new seismology station new shoes new simulator new year's baby new york times newkirk newkirk baseball newkirk tigers news news eagle news front news front bonnie vculek news medical building newton newton knights nicholas 60th nicholas commercial real estate nicholas denker nicholas real estate nicholas shackleford nick rountree nick smith nick yoning nicole binckley nicole middleton nicole moan nicole ritter nid symphony orchestra nights of shelter nik gifford nikki hitt nikole ortiz nitty gritty dirt band njcaa njcaa championship njcaa dii njcaa dii champs njcaa div. i world series njcaa div. ii world series njcaa division ii world series njcaa division ii world series championship njcaa region ii njcaa world series njhs nmsi school no man's land beef jerky no man's land food no man's land foods no power noc noc astronomy center noc baseball noc enid noc enid baseball noc enid cheer noc enid gantz center noc enid jets noc enid jets baseball noc enid lady jets noc enid residence hall noc enid softball noc foundation noc jets noc jets baseball noc jets basketball noc lady jets noc nursing noc president noc softball noc spring fling noc tonkawa noc tonkawa baseball noc tonkawa mavs nocenid nocenid gantz center nocenid jets nocenid jets baseball nocenid lady jets nocenid lady jets softball nocnwosu bridge and trail dedication nonperishable food items nonprofit nonprofit center nonprofit organization noodling noon year's eve nora ezzell norce caretaker norman north enid northcutt chevrolet buick toyota northeastern oklahoma am college northern oklahoma college northern oklahoma college enid northern oklahoma collegeenid northstar agri industries northwest district junior livestock show northwest logistics heavy haul northwest oklahoma northwest oklahoma regional food bank northwest oklahoma water action plan northwestern oklahoma state university northwestern oklahoma state university enid northwestern oklahoma state university psychology club nurses nursing nw arkansas battle nw oklahoma nw stockyards nwdjls nwdjls grand champion doe nwosu nwosu birthday nwosu entrepreneur seminar nwosu entrepreneurs seminar nwosu nursing nwosu nursing program nwosu science camp nwosuenid o.d.o.t. o.g. e. o.g.e. oak mart oak mart vandalized oakwood bowl oakwood christian church oakwood country club oakwood mall oakwood road oakwood tennis challenger oba oba baseball oba basketball oba class of 2014 oba football oba golf oba graduation oba lady trojans oba musical oba prep classic oba track oba trojans obe blanc obedience obgyn obn ocs ocs saints odd fellows lodge ode to joy odeq inspector odot of officer awaiting pilot training officer ryan fuxa officers' spouses' club oge ohce ohp ok 132 ok 132 bridge closed ok fuel ok132 okc okc athletics okc broncos okc broncs okc drillers okc sandlot okc sandlot 18s okc sandlot blue okc sandlot gold okc shockers okceo okeene okeene basketball okeene high school basketball okeene rattlesnake hunt okla. okla. gov. mary fallin oklahoma oklahoma 45 oklahoma and van buren oklahoma artist oklahoma asa men's slow pitch class f state tournament oklahoma association of realtors oklahoma ave. oklahoma bible academy oklahoma blood institute oklahoma bureau of narcotics oklahoma centennial oklahoma centennial lady bison oklahoma center for nonprofits oklahoma city oklahoma city bombing oklahoma cooperative extension service oklahoma council of public affairs oklahoma cross country regional oklahoma delta dental oral health foundation oklahoma dental association oklahoma dental foundation oklahoma department of environmental quality oklahoma department of transportation oklahoma desparados oklahoma drought oklahoma farm bureau oklahoma fuel oklahoma geological survey oklahoma governor oklahoma hearts for adoption oklahoma highway patrol oklahoma highway patrol troop j oklahoma house district 40 oklahoma legislators oklahoma lt. gov. todd lamb oklahoma mennonite relief sale oklahoma mission of mercy oklahoma museum network oklahoma musuem network oklahoma natural gas oklahoma outlaws oklahoma pork council oklahoma primary election oklahoma run 'n gun oklahoma secretary of energy and environment oklahoma senior fourball championship oklahoma senior golf association state fourball tournament oklahoma state oklahoma state department of education oklahoma state department of health oklahoma state fair oklahoma state police oklahoma state superintendent oklahoma state superintendent of public instruction oklahoma state university oklahoma street oklahoma superintendent of public instruction oklahoma superintendent of schools oklahoma track coaches association indoor championships oklahoma university oklahoma wall of shame oklahoma weather oklahomatexas meat processing association okmom oktoberfest old desk old enid suite old garfield elementary school old glory old newspaper oliver oliver jordan olsen custom farms olson on cue damage one grand central one grand crazy summer give away one grand crazy summer giveaway one lane traffic online soccer academy onpoint hoops open house open play operation orange orchestra orchestra competition ore ori environmental truck oreo organ donor drive organ recipient orioles ornament osbi osborne road oscar osga senior 4ball ossaa ossaa 6a state track meet ossaa class 2a football playoffs ossaa class 2a state golf tournament ossaa class 3a area 1 ossaa class a ossaa class a regional ossaa class b district ossaa class b districts ossaa district basketball playoffs ossm osu osu cowboys osu extension center osu insect adventure osu medical summer camp otwa's place ou ou school of community medicine ou sooners ouachita baptist ouachita baptist university our daily bread outdoor fun over the fence farms overall men's winner overall women's winner overhead views oversize load overturned semi owasso owasso rams owasso wins owen k. garriott owen k. garriott and johnson owen simpson oxbow calcining oxbow rescue oxford cleaners p.a.s.t. pacer field pacer soccer pacers pacers basketball paddle boats painting school crossings painting with fire pam ballard pam olsen pamela ballard panasonic pane vino panthers parade parent educators parenting ministry parenting resource center parents as teachers park avenue thrift parkland parkland college parks parriott's garage partner lodgewell group pascal pascohernando state college pastor pat brown patrick lomantini patrick o'toole patrick williams patrick wine patriot guard riders patriotic patty ezell paul allen paul c. gorski paul j. outhier field house paul k. woodward paula nightengale paulette rink paulin vallis pavilion pawnee pawnee football paws paws 4 the cause paws for the cause dachshund dash payton meyer pbr bull rider pbr bull riding pbs interview pch pch panthers pcic shake pcic shakes pcn baseball pcwest pearl junkie pederson's natural farms pediatric flu shot pedro braga pedro willisbarbosa peggy base peggy grisham pelagic tank pelagic tank kids q pennsylvania people's choice people's choice quilt perry perry lady maroons pet adoption pet smart pet smart charities peter dillingham peter speen peyton isbell pga pga golf pga senior south central sectional tournament ph d. phil stacy phillip busbee phoenix quest photography pickleball pie judging piedmont pierce street pillar pillar of the plains pilot pilot survives pilot training pioneer pioneer baseball pioneer baseball festival pioneer basketball pioneer cellular pioneer day pioneer football pioneer high school pioneer lady mustangs pioneer mustangs pioneerpleasant vale schools pioneerpleasantvale elementary school pioneerpleasantvale public schools pioneers pipeline crossing pizza burger pj's family affair salon plainsmen plainsmen baseball plainsmen basketball plainsmen football plainsmen soccer plainsmen win planet fitness planting wheat playground changes playgrounds plethysmograph plugin to united way pointermix polar plunge polls open ponca city ponca city wildcats pond creek pond creek panthers pond creekhunter pond creekhunter football pond creekhunter lady panthers pond creekhunter panthers pork pork loin pork spareribs portable corral porter porter halyburton post the colors poster and essay contest pot hole planting potbellied pig poverty poverty az poverty in education power outages power secure power tower practical nursing prairie quilt prairie thunder prairie view elementary school prairieview elementary school pramberger grand piano prayoon gindlesberger prek prek 4 prek program prekindergarten prekindergarten enrollment prep classic presentation of colors president president and ceo presiding judge preston atwood prevent and stop tormenting preventionworkz pride festival prison time privation printing prochef level i professional tree care programs progress progress 2014 progressive missionary baptist church progressive organ walk prolife driven research protect kids pta volunteers ptsd service dog public library of enid and garfield county public utilities pumpkin pumpkin patch pumpkin pizzazz pumpkins puppies pure stocks putnam city west quail hunt queen queen of hearts quidditch quilt quilt and textile auction quilting quilts quilts of valor quraysh ali lansana r. j. philbrick r.l. wilson r.n. rachel detweiler rachel hancock radio shack raeshaan finley raheem mitchell 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